Pacific Palisades

Pacific Palisades, CA Succulent wall with disappearing water feature at front entrance. Patina d copper frame.        

El Segundo

  El Segundo Techstyle Corp., Living wall over Bio fuel fireplace.  


Succulent wall with Original VENICE city logo raised off background. Contains 1,500 succulents.

Meet Vinny Fazzino

When we met Vinny Fazzino at Dwell on Design—a national design event in Los Angles hosted by Dwell Magazine—we were taken aback by the massive, verdantly green living wall he had built right in the middle of the LA Convention Center. So much so, in fact, that we just had to strike up a conversation, since both eco-friendly design and living walls are …

The Los Angeles Show was a Huge Success

The Los Angeles  Dwell On Design Show was a huge success. Below are some links to see what was there in case you missed it. The Dwell On Design takeaways you should know 15 Most Innovative L.A Businesses at Dwell On Design Six really cool things we learned about L.A at the ‘Dwell On Design’ show

Living Walls Sweeping the Nation

Forget wall paintings and murals. The newest trend hitting homes across the nation: Living walls. These decor features are interior gardens that literally grow vertically up a wall. These unique indoor gardens are made entirely of plants and often cover large expanses. They emerged years ago in hotels, airports and office buildings but are now becoming popular with homeowners desiring …

Edible Walls

The idea of vertical farming is not new, but with more densely-built urban areas and an eye on lessening environmental impacts, advocates of urban farming have embraced edible walls as a way to lower food costs, increase nutritional quality, grow organically, demonstrate food security, educate children on food origins, grow locally and cut fuel consumption and carbon emissions by using fewer …

Green Roofs

Green roofs and living walls offer many benefits, including cooling buildings, reducing storm-water runoff, providing wildlife habitat, growing food and creating jobs. A green roof is an extension of a new or existing roof that involves a high-quality water proofing and root repellant system, a drainage system, filter cloth, a lightweight growing medium and plants. Green roof systems may be …

Gardening Upwards

One of the latest trends in gardening is to grow ornamental or edible plants vertically up a wall of a building. Horizontal, low gardening on the ground, is very much yesterdays technology! If you want to stay up with horticultural technology  you gotta go vertical. Our very own Us artist “Vinny Fazzino”, often called “The artist that brought Living Walls to …