Edible Walls

The idea of vertical farming is not new, but with more densely-built urban areas and an eye on lessening environmental impacts, advocates of urban farming have embraced edible walls as a way to lower food costs, increase nutritional quality, grow organically, demonstrate food security, educate children on food origins, grow locally and cut fuel consumption and carbon emissions by using fewer delivery trucks.

Urban farming techniques are being studied and improved, and we are on the cutting edge of this new and exciting application

While not all fruits, vegetables, and herbs can be grown on a wall (corn being a good example), many choices are ideal candidates. With practice and technological advancements plus the experience of our experts, the possibilities are endless.

An edible wall can bring an entire farm to found space in the middle of an urban environment. Cutting edge restaurants such as Mario Batali’s Pizzeria Mozza locations, Seasons 52, and Terra American Bistro have embraced edible walls, proving their commitment to sustainability and crowd-pleasing fresh menus.

For families, an edible wall can be a great way to incorporate fresh produce into your meals, and teach your kids about gardening and the importance of healthy eating.