Gardening Upwards

One of the latest trends in gardening is to grow ornamental or edible plants vertically up a wall of a building. Horizontal, low gardening on the ground, is very much yesterdays technology! If you want to stay up with horticultural technology  you gotta go vertical.

Our very own Us artist “Vinny Fazzino”, often called “The artist that brought Living Walls to California”  Has been designing cutting edge different systems after noticing that complex layers of plants in rainforests often grow on inhospitable surfaces like rocks, cliffs and tree trunks. The idea has taken off recently in California thanks to Vinny.  Look around and you’ll start noticing more and more plants growing vertically in hotels, in parks, restaurant walls and business complexes both interior and exterior. To the the average home or business owner, growing vertically may seem complicated or unachievable but Vinny Fazzino’s company Bella Builders has designed and implemented green wall systems that are not only stunning but affordable too.